Understanding the Causes of Infertility

An important step to solving a medical problem is to understand the cause. Understanding how the body works under normal conditions and being able to identify what is going wrong allows  the fertility doctors at SIRM St. Louis Missouri to address the problem at its source, making an infertility treatment more effective.

To achieve a pregnancy, a precise sequence of events must take place. An egg must mature and be released from the ovary. Healthy sperm must be produced and delivered into the female reproductive system to meet and fertilize an egg. The resulting embryo must move into the uterus and become implanted in the endometrium. Once implanted, the embryo must continue to grow and develop normally. An interruption in one or more of these key processes can result in infertility. Once the problem is identified our St. Louis fertility specialists then correct or bypass the issue.

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Infertility In Females

Infertility In Males

The experts at SIRM St. Louis discuss the factors that contribute to infertility in men. See more from our top fertility clinic in Missouri.

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