A holistic approach is beneficial when exploring your finances for infertility.  Although your physician will come up with a customized plan based on your needs, it is difficult to tell how soon you may become pregnant.

A Range of Costs

Everyone’s journey through infertility is different, and so is the cost associated with plan. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a popular procedure that is also very effective. However, there are similar treatment options that may be within your insurance, and can still be effective increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. Your physician will go over these different options and help choose the right treatment that works for you.

Communication and Information

Our team of financial counselors aide in the support of making these tough financial decisions during treatment: emotional tolerance, time frame, treatment options, religious/spiritual beliefs and total budget. Being open with a financial counselor about your personal needs and your realistic price range will help put into perspective a plan that works best for your family.  This will hopefully reduce the stress of going through infertility and put your mindset in a positive place moving forward.

Insurance Coverage

It is sometimes surprising to find out what your insurance company does not cover.  Please remember how crucial it is to check your benefits and infertility-related coverage.  Our team is here to answer your questions regarding insurance.  Please understand the details of your insurance plan, benefits and requirements.

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Patients discuss the costs of IVF, insurance coverage and opting to use payment programs to fund treatment.