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The SIRM St. Louis Physicians have more than 60 years of combined experience in helping couples realize their dreams of having a family.
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Embrace the Challenge

Dr. Dayal discusses 5 well-studied methods to help maintain your mental toughness when times get difficult.

Laughter is Contagious. Like a Virus

Dr. Dayal discusses how our attitudes and behaviors can spread just like viruses, and how staying connected, being grateful and laughter are the keys to getting through this period.

Your Reproductive Health During COVID-19

As of April 5, 2020, more than one million people have been confirmed to have COVID-19 worldwide. The center of the Pandemic is now the United States. Here are basic FAQ’s about COVID-19 as it pertains to fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Coronavirus and Pregnancy

Dr. Molina Dayal at SIRM St. Louis Fertility Clinic discusses Coronavirus risks on pregnant women and unborn babies, and how to reduce your chance of infection.